Motorola Solutions Catalog

6 800-259-2929 WWW.ONELINKWIRELESS.COM UPGRADE YOUR TEAMWORK PRODUCTIVITY RISING CUSTOMER DEMANDS AND EXECUTIVE PRESSURES MEAN YOU’RE NOW EXPECTED TO MANUFACTURE AND DELIVER PRODUCTS FASTER THAN EVER. But simply ‘working faster’ can be dangerous without also ‘working smarter.’ Here’s how to work both faster and smarter with industrial unified communications: 01. VOICE APPS Apps like push-to-talk, voice dispatch, IP telephony with data, and comprehensive voice and data give you the freedom to select a specialized device for each employee without the need for central control. 02. WORK ORDER TICKET MANAGEMENT Work order ticket management apps let you manage your teams’ workflows via their radios. It means your mobile workers can notify dispatch when jobs are done, so you can track, analyze and improve cycle times. 03. INDOOR-LOCATION TRACKING Indoor-location tracking means your people can locate everyone and everything in your facility within seconds, thanks to Bluetooth-powered iBeacons placed around your facility. 04. GPS INTEGRATION This helps you locate your mobile and portable assets, like the trucks going in and out of your facility. For added visibility, you can combine it with Google Earth and satellite, hybrid and street-level maps. 05. WAVE PUSH-TO-TALK (PTT) WAVE eliminates the barriers between communication systems so your teams can collaborate seamlessly, whether they’re on smartphones, tablets, PCs or radios. It also gives you worldwide access to plants, offices and even customers, thanks to internetenabled mobile solutions. UPTIME UPTIME IN MANUFACTURING IS ABOUT PREVENTING COSTLY STOPPAGES AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY, AND PREVENTING DELAYS AT THE CONSUMER END TO ENSURE THE BEST EXPERIENCES. Here’s how industrial unified communications helps you tick both of those boxes: 06. NOISE CANCELLATION Today’s digital radios can reduce background noise and automatically adjust volume to match plant noise levels. That way, your team members don’t have to wait for quiet times to communicate with one another. 07. FLEET MANAGEMENT Fleet management apps let you track your teams’ vehicle data, including current location and speed. They also let you monitor route and schedule adherence, fuel consumption, ignition status and a whole bunch of other things, for maximum insight. 08. TEXT MESSAGING AND EMAIL You can even send texts and emails to radios now. And not just from phones – from tablets and even desktop computers. It means your teams can receive equipment and status alerts from a range of sources, and notify technicians from a single interface. 09. SCADA SCADA Remote Terminal Units integrate seamlessly across your entire radio network, so your teams can leverage your current infrastructure for powerful process automation and more expansive communication capabilities. 10. SYSTEM MONITORING System Monitoring apps let your people check radio network failures, get real-time workflow status alerts by SMS or email, record calls, and analyze any radio congestions. They also offer live diagnostics.